Friday, September 30, 2016

5 music things

5 in 5

I like to cover 5 things in 5 minutes for lightning talks. Or one thing. At the local
Python user group, sometimes questions or other circumstances turn these 5
in 5 more into a 5 in 10-15...

5 Music Things

Eventually, after a year or two, I'll revisit a subject. I recently noticed that I had
not talked about music related things in almost two and a half years, so I did
5 quick Jupyter notebooks and presented that. Interestingly enough, none of
these 5 things were covered back then. The github repo includes edited versions
of the notebooks, based on the interactions at the meeting during my presentation.
Requirements: All require the following
pip install jupyter

1 - Audio

2 - libROSA

Here we will need to pip install matplotlib and numpy, and of course librosa.

3 - music21

pip install music21
You'll need some external programs: Lilypond and Musescore
You also need launch scripts for each of them. On a mac, use the provided
launch scripts in the mac/ folder of this repo. Make sure you chmod a+x them.
Change the path in the notebook to reflect your own user path.

4 - python-sonic

pip install python-sonic
You'll need one external program: Sonic Pi and to start it before running through
the notebook.

5 - pyKnon

pip install pyknon
You'll need one external program: timidity

easily installed:

  • in Linux with apt-get install timidity
  • on a Mac with brew install timidity
This was mostly an excuse to demo that external command line tools like timidity
or sox can be used here.

Have fun!
@f_dion - francois(dot)dion(at)gmail(dot)com

P.S.: Github repo at: but for some strange reason, github will not render the first (0-StartHere) notebook. This blog post is basically that notebook, putting things in context.

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